Life Is A Journey


Life is a journey, it’s something (almost) everyone agrees with. Like any other journeys, this one is also heading to a certain destination. There should be a goal to achieve and a dream to get. It’s a purpose as the reason why we’re taking this journey at the first place. ⁣

Life is a journey, it’s the one with some challenging things to experience. Those challenges are the reason why our life becomes so colorful. Every single thing which we experience happens for a reason. Sometimes we understand it immediately, and sometimes we just have to comprehend it by believing that everything happens for the good reasons, coming from our Rabb.

Life is a journey, it’s a wonderful one to enjoy. Though we might experience the hard ones, they’re still some wonderful experiences to embrace. Either good or bad the journey is, it all depends on how we see and embrace it. Are we going to see it in a negative or positive way?⁣

After all, it’s a matter of how we see things.⁣


has been written on May 15, 2019 on Fb⁣⁣

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